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Monday – Friday

6:00am -5:25pm

Extended hours 5:25pm-9:00pm

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Drop In’s- must give a 24-hour notice!

24 Hour Care Is Available!!! Please inquire for more details.

R.U.Kidding Early Fundamentals-Seasonal Activity Programs

R.U.Kidding provides camps throughout the school year for spring, summer, and winter breaks.
Our camps are very unique providing various activities from scouting fun, gardening, summer splish-splash days, ice-cream and snow cone fun, to making winter tunnels. Summer camp calendars will change year to year.
R.U.Kidding also takes three special times out of the year to host spring, summer, and winter galas for family and friends to attend.

R.U.Kidding Early Fundamentals-Enrichment Learning Programs

R.U.Kidding provides additional scholastic activities and services that improve your child's skills in phonics, mathematics, music and dance, Spanish, sign language, cooking, and gardening.
These special lessons are given throughout the week and most sessions are 25-35 minutes. Our enrichment programs give your child every educational benefit that was handpicked and supported for future achievement in school and through a lifetime.
Our Enrichment Programs are structured in small class sizes and pairs with our fundamental curriculum as well.