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Hour of Operation

Monday – Friday

6:00am -5:25pm

Extended hours 5:25pm-9:00pm

Saturday hours



Drop In’s- must give a 24-hour notice!

24 Hour Care Is Available!!! Please inquire for more details.

About RUK


R.U.Kidding Learning Center was originated in Houma, Louisiana with the philosophy of providing advanced and unique learning experiences for infants and children with expedient services for parents. We are the first childcare facilities in the Houma, Louisiana area providing extended childcare hours and providing care on Saturdays. R.U.Kidding Learning Center innovative curriculum and safe environment was distinctively designed for infancy to school age children, focusing to provide in every aspect stimulating early care and education programs. Your child's social-emotional, physical and cognitive development growth is our goal to support learning for a lifetime. 



Lending a Helping Hand

R.U.Kidding Learning Center was created to give convenience for the parents who are in need of quality care outside of traditional childcare settings. 
To expand upon the quality service already provided our center has extended hours through the week for parents who need extra care outside of standard working hours by offering Saturday care.
Our website is creatively designed to help parents make an easy decision in childcare with links to help you with day to day events at our center and easy ways to pay tuition. 
R.U.Kidding also participate in a referral program (See Center Director for more information)

Parents Teachers and Staff

Our teachers are evaluated through the R.U.Kidding Welcoming training. R.U.Kidding staff and teachers are also trained in first aid and CPR.
R.U.Kidding conducts criminal background checks to guarantee honorable staff and teachers to offer the best care for your child. Our teachers provide day-to-day communication with families confirming a partnership to guarantee the finest care for your child. 
Our caregivers are also trained in early-childhood education, child development, or a related field which is a dedication from the R.U.Kidding executive team.
R.U.Kidding provides three special training a year to provide our teachers with the most modern and tactical ways to be satisfactory inside and outside of the classrooms.